After-Hours Security Codes: All elevator banks are locked-off after business hours (e.g., before 6:00 AM and after 6:00 PM weekdays) and only those persons (and their guests) listed on the tenant-furnished access lists will be allowed elevator access. For after-hours elevator access, each floor is assigned an Elevator Access Code - a three-button code to be entered after pushing the button for the floor to be accessed - which Office Administrators may issue to internal employees. Each code allows access only to the floor where the suite is located.

Entrapment Procedures: Our elevator system is equipped with numerous safety features. Should a malfunction occur, please remain calm and follow these guidelines:

  • Press the emergency call button.
  • Tampa City Center Security will respond to your call over the elevator intercom.
  • Describe the problem you are having.
  • Do not attempt to force the doors open.
  • Do not attempt to leave the elevator if it is not level with the floor.
  • Security and/or management office personnel will continue to converse with you for the duration of the problem. You may be asked for additional information that will assist the elevator technicians.
  • Passengers will be asked to identify themselves to enable us to notify coworkers of your whereabouts (if you desire). Please relax and remain calm; sit down on the floor of the elevator if you feel the need.
  • You will be continuously advised of the elevator technician's progress. In most cases, your delay is only a matter of a few minutes.